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Drupa 2024
HEASN showcases 2 sets of folder gluers and 1 set of die cutter at Drupa 2024 in hall #1 with great success!
HEASN team appreciated the opportunity to showcase our 2 sets of high-end folder gluers - automated set-up folder gluer and inline Braille system folder gluer, and 1 set of die cutter - SH-1060SE classic B1 format on site.
Three machines on site
Automated Set-up Folder Gluer
- Model: SQ-1100PCC-R

Taking Automation to the Next Level

Automated set-up and job memory

  • fully automated set-up for standard-type after input the key dimension.
  • job memory: all job data and setting positions can be recalled for repeat jobs using saved parameters in the HMI.
  • remote controller and 2 sets of HMI provide the best friendly operation experience for users.
  • belt speed up to 700m/min.

  • Innovated structure design with fast change-over

  • the front lock & block accessories for crash lock bottom and 4/6 corners are designed for specific usage at two independent sections; all tools are lifted and positioned by servo motors without dismantling. Therefore, for many jobs, the tooling changes are completely NOT necessary.
  • change-over time drops dramatically to a few minutes for many jobs.
  • Partner introduction
    SCM SOCO Machinery

    SCM SOCO is a leading folder gluer manufacturer based in China, who can offer complete folder gluer solutions in widths ranging from 650mm to 3200mm. The company masters core breakthrough technologies and leads the innovation and development of the industry.

    Key achievements over the last decade:

    • In 2014, installed Asia's first inline print inspection folder gluer;
    • In 2016, started to produce the real 700m/min high-speed folder gluer;
    • In 2021, installed the first inline Braille and inspection folder gluer in Europe with great success;
    • In 2023, installed the latest automated set-up folder gluer in the USA;
    • Ongoing growth of installation of the folder gluers across Europe and America.

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