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Automatic Die Cutting & Stripping Machine

Non-stop Offset Feeder

▪ Non-stop-feeding with a pre-loading platform for high-speed, efficient production.

▪ Intense 4 lifting & 4 forwarding suction heads can feed various substrates smoothly up to B-flute corrugated board.

Becker Vacuum Pump

▪ German brand BECKER oil-less vacuum pump delivers quiet, cool operation and long vane life.

Feeding Table

▪ Double sheet detector and front lay register device can calibrate the sheet feeding.

▪ Push and pull 2-in-1 side lay can handle different stocks.

Driven-type brush wheels with wide Nitta belt for smooth conveying of various substrates, even the curved corrugated board.

Die Cutting Section

▪ Segment gear indexing mechanism provides smooth and accurate sheets running.

▪ State-of-the-art drive mechanism with a heavy-duty structure for steady and high-precision worktable movement.

▪ Cutting pressure can be fast setting and recorded by touch screen, with max. ability to 300 tons.

▪ Pneumatic chase lock makes operation much more manageable.

▪ Various stock cutting ranges from light paper to B-flute.

Stripping Section

▪ 3 chases stripping makes stripping action more proper.

▪ Stripping chase positioning system simplifies stripping pin and improves working efficiency.

Upper and lower stripping frames can be pulled out for job setup and makeready.

▪ Either stripping pins or stripping tools are applicable.

Equipped with 2nd stripping channel to remove the gripper margin waste.

Non-stop Delivery

▪ The brush push-down device and jogger device at the delivery section to ensure proper stacking。

The auxiliary belt table will automatically switch on for non-stop delivery production when the pile reaches a certain height. The main machine speed will slow down for easy operation and recover to its original rate after the new pallet is ready.

▪ Sampling device allows the operator to check the finished product quickly without stopping the machine from running

Pressure & lubrication

▪ Worm, worm gear, and crankshaft with unique processing significantly improved the life of the core component.

Japanese imported brand single-point clutch makes feeder, and the main machine can be separated or synchronized combined at any time, which simplifies the operation.

▪ Italian pneumatic clutch brake system to ensure stable brake and minimum attack on the machine.

▪ Automatic pump cooling circulation system ensures main die-cutting section with constant lubrication at high speed running

Gripper Section

▪ TAN TZU brand precision intermittent divider with gear drive box for precise gripper bar position control.

7pcs imported high quality gripper bar, 10pcs grippers on each bar.

▪ Single gripper bar can be front and back adjusted to meet the precision request.

▪ All gripper bars are made of light, low inertia, rigid, and super-hard high-quality anodized aluminum alloy profiles.

The transmission chains of the gripper bar are pre-pull treatment to ensure strong durability and no deformation.

Intelligent Electric Control System

▪ SCHNEIDER and TOSHIBA frequency converter, PANASONIC PLC and sensor, MOELLER(EATON) switch button, circuit-breaker, and contactor.

TECO brand motor for main machine transmission, MAC Electromagnetic valve.

Colorful man-machine interface can present the whole machine running situation. The troubleshooting manual provided in the touch screen helps fast solution for the errors.
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Max. Sheet Size
Min. Sheet Size
Max. Cutting Size
Max. Feeding Pile Height
1700mm including the pallet
Max. Delivery Pile Height
1500mm including the pallet
Max. Pressure
Paper Thickness
80~2000gsm cardboard, corrugated board≤4mm
Min. Gripper Margin
Max. Die Cutting Speed
Total Power
Total Weight
7300×4300×2500mm(including the pre-loading device)
Stripping Function
Yes, 4 side stripping, including gripper side waste
Jan 12, 2023
Classic die cutter SH-1060SE
Jan 12, 2023
Non-stop feeding & delivery of SH-1060SE
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